We’re proud of our pizza, but we know we’re only as good as the ingredients we use. It’s not just the best taste that matters, it’s the best practice as well.

So finding producers who share our philosophy on flavours and farming is essential for our success. Here are just a few:


Flour, water and salt. It sounds simple enough, but a great base is the foundation of a great pizza, so we’ve spent a long time getting it right. Our flour comes from small, organic farms in southern Italy who use natural fertilisers and crop rotation policies. We use mother yeast for our classic base, which makes it crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and easy on your stomach.


Our tomato bases are made from organic tomatoes crushed by hand and mixed with olive oil, basil and salt. They come from Alce Nero, a cooperative made up of over one thousand organic farmers across Italy and further afield. Named after a Native American medicine man called Black Elk, they strive to produce delicious, healthy and nourishing food that respects the land it’s grown on.


Fiordilatte, burrata, mozzarella. Just a few of our cheeses that come from cows bred on Libera Terra land in Puglia in the south of Italy. The cows live a natural life in the fields eating herbs and hay, and you can taste the difference it makes. Set up by a priest called Don Ciotti in 1995, Libera Terra have been risking life and limb to reclaim land from the mafia and repurpose it to farm organic, sustainable produce. 50p from every bottle of water sold at Radio Alice goes to their charity.


It’s not just our food we want to leave a good taste in your mouth. Our bag and box house red and white wines are also grown on Libera Terra land, and many of our other wines are organic and biodynamic. Our soft drinks come from Galvanina, who use organic fruits and naturally filtered water from the Apennine mountains; and Karma Cola, who help growers’ families to re-establish their lives in the aftermath of civil war and ebola.