We’re at a point where it’s no longer possible to ignore the consequences our choices have on the planet. The truth can be brutal but it can also be inspiring. We are eating too much meat and our over consumption of animal products is proving to be one of the biggest problems for the planet. But we’re also seeing a rise in plant power. From vegan cafes to Michelin starred vegan tasting menus people are stepping up. The ‘flexitarian’ approach, ‘meat free Monday’s’ or even just eating a little less meat is becoming the norm and something an increasing amount of us are striving for. Going vegan or vegetarian can seem daunting or even worse - dull. But it needn’t be. Restaurants, chefs and authors are proving that plants can be delicious and incredibly satisfying!

When Matteo gave me the challenge of creating a pizza for veganuary I jumped at it. I eat plant based 90% of the time and love cooking veg focused food for friends. I use roasted squash with a hint of chilli, charred broccoli and a flavourful creamy pesto with tarragon and cashews. The pizza is finished with a few zippy pickled onions some fresh chilli and lemon zest.

I’ve loved working with the Radio Alice team and have been a huge fan of their seasonal ethos since they started. So far the feedback on the pizza has been brilliant. I’m sure that even those who aren’t doing veganuary give it a go - they won’t be disappointed.

Warm regards, Alexandra